How we work


The Grant Process


The Foundation is dedicated to actively promoting, enriching and enhancing educational opportunities for all within a dynamic, collaborative partnership between our schools and greater community.  The Foundation seeks to fund promising educational projects, programs or initiatives that are relevant, creative, effective, and inspiring.

Grant Guidelines:

>> Foundation awards provide funds for new projects and programs and are not intended to fund initiatives considered to be part of the regular school budget.

>> Grants will be awarded to faculty members of RHAM Middle School and RHAM High School.

>> Grants are awarded in amounts not to exceed $1,000; however, larger amounts may be considered for cooperative or collaborative projects or programs that would benefit larger sections of the RHAM educational community.

>> Special consideration will be given to new projects.

>> Funds awarded must be expended within one academic year.

>> The application must be co-signed by the applicant's school principal and must be submitted in electronic form by the date specified in the guidelines. Electronic application submission must include the necessary signatures.  

>> The application must include a detailed budget indicating how the funds will be spent.

>> Recipients must send a final report on the outcome of funded projects to the Foundation within three months of the end of the grant period. This report must include receipts and documentation of expenditures.

>> Any unused funds must be returned to the Foundation at the time of the submission of the final report.  

The Foundation requires the following attribution by award recipients when issuing statements, press or newsletter releases which describe the project or acknowledge the funding of a project:     “This project /program is supported by a grant from the RHAM Education Foundation.”

Grant Evaluations:

Potential grants will be evaluated for projects that

>> Show creativity and innovation

>> Strengthen academics and meet curriculum objectives

>> Provide enrichment and add instructional, inspirational and/or life experience to the curriculum

>> Include clear and detailed plans and appropriate evaluation process

>> Include a detailed budget indicating how the funds will be spent

The Foundation will make awards based on the merits of each proposal and the ability of the Foundation to fund it. A Grants Committee, consisting of Foundation Board members, will review the grant applications and will present their recommendations to the full Board at its May meeting. The Foundation has limited resources. It must choose between meritorious proposals, and all applications cannot be funded. That the Foundation may not select a proposal for funding should not be understood to mean that the Foundation did not believe the proposal to have merit. Partial funding may be awarded in order to allow the Foundation to support other proposals.

Grant Submissions:

 >> Grants are awarded once a year in the spring.

>> Email completed grant application to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

>> Grants will be awarded in June

>> Current June grants may be expended through May of the current year.  

>> Unused funds must be returned to the Foundation with the final report.