What we do

Scholarship 6 2017

Purpose Of The Foundation

The purpose of the Foundation is to raise funds in support of exceptional and inspiring educational opportunities and promising pilot projects that encourage innovation in teaching and learning for which local, state and federal funds are not available.

What are the Benefits of an Educational Foundation?

The Foundation seeks to

  • Reflect the pride we take in the realization that our school is at the heart of our community
  • Enhance and build upon the principles that community involvement is a key factor in successful schools and that outstanding public schools benefit the entire community
  • Engage new partners in education and deepen community support for education
  • Promote public/private partnerships to enable our school and the community to benefit from corporate grants and matching gifts

Is the Idea for an Education Foundation Unique?

No. Since 1978 over 3,000 communities across the United States have established education foundations with similar missions. The RHAM Education Foundation is one of 80 education foundations in Connecticut with more in the process of becoming organized.