2018 RALLY Student Group Grant

RALLY student group grant: A grant was awarded to the student-run Regional Activities Leading Local Youth group.

RALLY consists of RMS and RHS students and is advised by two teachers as well as the AHM Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator.

One of RALLY’s goals is to plan experiences that can help fellow students learn more about the consequences of substance abuse. The students voted to ask Mr. Chris Herren to visit RHAM and speak to 8th through 10th grade students in the 2019 academic year. Mr. Herren, previously a professional athlete, has been in recovery from drugs and alcohol for ten years. He started The Herron Project, whose mission includes educating youth and at-risk populations on the importance of a leading a healthful lifestyle and providing techniques to handle pressure within their lives, their community or their family situation. Mr. Herren has speaking engagements around the country. He strives to inspire youth to make positive choices, to ask for help when needed, and to support fellow students.