2016 RHAM Education Foundation Senior Scholarships

The RHAM Education Foundation (REF) is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2016 RHAM Education Foundation Senior Scholarships. The REF Senior Scholarship is awarded to students who have demonstrated qualities such as individualism, ambition, perseverance, and good character. Students were nominated by their guidance counselors for this honor and the winners were selected from an extremely competitive group at the end of May.  The RHAM Education Foundation Senior Scholarship encourages and supports these qualified recipients with a $1500 award for the students to use in their pursuit of higher education and/or additional career/vocational training. Our 2016 awardees are Leah Breault, Tori-Marie Lauria, and Marissa Nowsch.  The RHAM Education Foundation congratulates these students for their accomplishments.

The RHAM Education Foundation, Inc.
Scholarship Committee
Chuck Costello
John Grasso
Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Jennifer Malinowski
Lisa Seethaler

2016 RHAM Scholarships

from LEFT to RIGHT:  Jeannie Kmetz, RHAM HS Guidance Counselor, Lori-Marie Lauria, REF Senior Scholarship Winner, Marissa Nowsch, REF Senior Scholarship Winner, Loree Conners, RHAM HS Guidance Counselor, John Grasso, President RHAM Education Foundation (REF), Jennifer Mott, RHAM HS Guidance Counselor, Leah Breault, REF Senior Scholarship Winner