RHAM Education Foundation Announces 2014 Grants Awards

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Pictured left to right:  Mr. John Grasso, RHAM Education Foundation President, Ms Beverly Fisher, Mrs. Margaret Clifton, Mr. Paul Bancroft, Mr. Tim Landry, Mr. Eric Protulis, Dr. Robert Siminski, Superintendent of Schools

The RHAM Education Foundation is pleased to announce its Grant Awards and Recipients for the 2014 - 2015 Academic Year. The Grants Awards Program is open to all RHAM Middle School and RHAM High School Faculty. The RHAM Education Foundation Grants Program supports academic excellence and promotes innovation and enrichment in both teaching and learning.

The RHAM Education Foundation extends a very sincere thank you to its business and community sponsors for their continued generous support which helped make these grants possible and to its dedicated volunteers without whom the Foundation’s efforts would not be possible.

The RHAM Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation dedicated to the advancement of educational excellence through initiatives that promote innovation, enrichment and lifelong learning for both students and the greater community.

The Foundation is open to all members of the community and welcomes your participation, ideas and involvement. Please join us at our next meeting on Tuesday, September 16, 2014, at 7:00 PM in the Principal’s Conference Room at RHAM High School. Persons interested may call John Grasso, President, at 860-295-8161.

The 2014 - 2015 Awards and Recipients are as follows:

“The Virtual Business Management Online Simulation License” Grant awarded to Mr. Tim Landry of the RHAM High School Technology Education Department will provide approximately sixty-five students in Management Principles classes the opportunity through direct online access both at RHAM and remotely to engage in real world scenarios which will provide a direct connection to management functions as they relate to business operations as they exist today through lessons simulating higher order thinking and a focus on specific aspects of operational elements of business management.

Similarly awarded sequential online simulation license grants evidenced outstanding success with RHAM students utilizing significantly enhanced depth and breadth learning and understanding and through which, ultimately, teams of twenty DECA students from Management Principles classes successfully competed in 2012 in both state and national competitions placing first in Connecticut and fourth nationally.

“The iPads for the Classroom” Grant awarded to Ms Danielle Mooney and Mr. Eric Protulis of the Special Education Department at RHAM Middle School will provide Special Education students the opportunity to experience, explore and access learning through the use of a variety of alternative, interactive enrichment materials through visuals, touch and auditory sources and applications. In addition to use during direct instruction, the technology will provide for personalized student participation, involvement and improvement at all skill levels and abilities. Each student will have access to technology and applications tailored to individual, unique learning needs and educational plans to further enhance a positive learning environment.

“The Interdisciplinary Puppetry Study” Grant awarded to Ms Beverly Fisher of the RHAM High School Art Department and Mrs. Margaret Clifton of the RHAM High School English Department will provide the opportunity for the enhanced study of puppetry and performance involving students in grades 9 - 12 in both Sculpture and Drama Classes. This collaborative project will build upon and expand the study and production of set design, puppet creation, writing and performance through the opportunity to fund a visiting artist to work with students and faculty in both disciplines facilitating cross-curricular instruction. This grant will also provide the opportunity for students to view a puppetry performance by the UCONN Puppetry Program students, to visit the Ballard Museum of Puppetry on the UCONN campus which “promotes the art of puppetry as a 21st Century art form with deep historic and global roots’, and will provide for the purchasing of supplies and props to be utilized in the initial year and in future productions.

“The Community Emergency Response Team/Video Production Trailer” Grant awarded to Mr. Paul Bancroft of the RHAM High School Applied Technology Department in cooperation with fundraising efforts and additional community co- sponsors will assist with the funding of the replacement of the current thirty-three year old RHAM Video Truck with a trailer which will provide space for all video production support as well as additional space for the student Community Emergency Response Team, CERT, operations.

The RHAM Video Production Club is open to all RHAM students and is the cornerstone of all advanced video work at RHAM High School. The Video Production Club tapes live auditorium productions and sports events which are often broadcast on local public-access television.” The RHAM Community Emergency Response Team, CERT, members complete training to join CERT and provide assistance to the greater RHAM Community and to first responders in times of emergency. Some of the emergencies to which CERT has responded since its formation have included, but are not limited to, two hurricanes, a massive power outage, rescue efforts, food and water distribution, and assisting with a town emergency operations center.