RHAM Education Foundation Announces 2013 Grants Awards

2013 grants smThe RHAM Education Foundation is pleased to announce its Grants Awards and Recipients for the 2013 - 2014 Academic Year. The Grants Awards Program is open to all RHAM Middle School and RHAM High School faculty. The RHAM Education Foundation Grants Program supports academic excellence and promotes innovation and enrichment in both teaching and learning.

The RHAM Education Foundation extends a sincere thank you to its business and community sponsors for their continued generous support that helped make these grants possible.


The 2013 - 2014 Awards and recipients are as follows:


"The Children Who Changed the World" Grant awarded to Mr. Brian Merrill of the RHAM Middle School Art Department will allow approximately seventy-five to one hundred seventh and eighth grade art students to participate in a year long exploration into young, creative minds that have deeply impacted the world culture in a variety of fields. Through this grant opportunity, historical research and hands-on artistic creations in printmaking as well as extension explorations in other media, students will discover that human achievement crosses age, gender and cultural boundaries and ultimately affects human history in countless positive ways.

"The Virtual Business -Sports & Entertainment 2.0 Simulation License" Grant awarded to Mr. Tim Landry of the RHAM High School Technology Education Department will provide approximately seventy students in Marketing Principles classes the opportunity through direct online access both at RHAM and remotely to engage in real world scenarios which will provide a realistic view into the world of business ownership and stadium operations through lessons simulating higher order thinking and a focus on specific aspects of operational elements of business management. A similarly funded RHAM Education Foundation Grant in 2011-2012 resulted in RHAM students experiencing a significantly enhanced depth and breadth of learning and in RHAM students finishing first in Connecticut and fourth nationally in the Virtual Business Restaurant national competition.

"The Vex Robotics" Grant awarded to Mr. George Deliman of the RHAM Middle School Technology Education Department will offer students the opportunity to explore the challenges faced in the career areas of science, technology, engineering and math, STEM, using the next generation of robot kits. Several aspects of robotics including the designing, building, programing and the functionality of robots in society today will explored. Vex Robotics encourages engineering principles, teamwork, leadership and problem solving and as robotics has become widely used in the world from medical to surgical procedures, to law enforcement to hazardous waste handling and more, our students exposure to robotics and STEM will better prepare them for their future world.

"The Making the College Connection" Grant awarded to Ms Joanne Prague Doyle of the RHAM High School Counseling Department will provide the Freshman Support Team the opportunity to create a cooperative college student mentor program with Eastern Connecticut State University for students on the Freshman Support Team. RHAM students will shadow their student mentors, learn about college opportunities, attend an informative and inspiring College Knowledge Day at the University and better understand the power and potential for growth, making the connection that success in high school is a bridge to future success.

"The Sensory Room" Grant awarded to Ms. Danielle Mooney and Mr. Eric Protulis of the Special Education Department at RHAM Middle School will provide equipment for a sensory room at the Middle School for use by students with special needs. The room and sensory equipment will afford the opportunity for sensory breaks within a place to re-settle, find re- direction, and re-engage to be academically and positively engaged and successful within the classroom.

The RHAM Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation dedicated to the advancement of educational excellence through initiatives that promote innovation, enrichment and lifelong learning for both students and the greater community. The Foundation welcomes the involvement and support of parents, alumni, businesses and residents of Hebron, Andover and Marlborough. Interested persons may call John Grasso, President, at 860-295-8161.

RHAM Education Foundation Grants Recipients

Left to Right: Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Robert Siminski, Mr. Tim Landry, Ms Danielle Mooney, Ms Joanne Prague Doyle, Mr. Brian Merrill, Mr. George Deliman

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