2010 Grant Projects

1.    The Sketchbook Project.  High School/Art/Beverly Fisher.  An international project centered upon individual sketchbooks, culminating in a trip to The Brooklyn Art Library, at which all sketchbooks will be permanently retained.  Brooklyn trip to be paid for through fundraising.  In 2009, over 2800 young artists participated.

2.    Video Production Truck.  High School/Applied Technology/Paul Bancroft.  Part of the exceptional RHAM Media    Program.  To aid with general operational expenses for RHAM’s one-of-a-kind traveling media truck.

3.    Going Green. High School/Science/Richard Staron. Making biodegradable plastic from starch.  Cutting edge stuff.  

4.    Two Flip Video Cameras.  School/Special Education/Barbara Hitchcock. To assist students in science instruction who have difficulty writing but who can otherwise demonstrate knowledge.  Cost of devices is nominal, but sound and video quality is excellent.

5.    Two advanced level Erector Sets.  Middle School/High School/Special Education/Larry Zeisner and others.    To facilitate group problem solving.

6.    Clinical Day Treatment Program.  Middle School/High School/Special Education/Larry Zeisner and others.  Money to purchase small "incentives" for students who earn "points" by appropriate conduct, and to purchase dinner for 4 parenting workshops.

7.    Visiting Ceramic Artist and Studio Visit.  High School/Art/Carrie Swider. Will allow approximately 30 students to work with and visit a professional, and to create 2 or 3 ceramic pieces in the course of participation.

8.    Civics Simulations. High School/Social Studies/Candy Buebendorf.  The cost of several games and tools which will draw students into applied Civics exercises.