Grants Announced for 2009

The RHAM Education Foundation, Inc. has announced its first ever grants awards made for the enhancement of Regional School District 8 programs and services.  The Foundation’s Grants Application Program was open to all faculty members of RHAM Middle School and RHAM High School. Six grants have been awarded.

Ms Joanne Prague Doyle of the High School Guidance Department has been awarded a grant to build a new community service program which will identify volunteer opportunities in our community and facilitate participation of high school students in such activities.  Ms Doyle has also been awarded a grant to initiate a voluntary three session study skills program to commence in August 2010, open to incoming ninth and tenth graders.  


Ms Colleen Bjorbekk of the High School Chemistry Department has been awarded a grant for a specialized printer important for detailed data recognition and analysis.

Ms Joan Gilbert of the Middle School Special Education Department has been awarded a grant to acquire table settings and food preparation aids important to food preparation skills and student interaction.
Mr Brian Merrill of the Middle School Art Department has been awarded a grant to acquire an award winning animated presentation program which will enable students to develop video portfolios of their artwork.  

Mr Brian Kevorkian of the High School Library/Media Center and Ms Meghan Coffey of the High School English Department have been awarded a grant to acquire materials for the RHAM High School Library/Media Center which will bolster the selection of global and multicultural resources available to students and faculty.